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Common Questions
“How do I know what to choose?”
“Can we do something special?”
“What would my loved one want?”
“What can I afford?”

At Staten Island Monuments, our goal is to help you find answers to these questions and more. We can help with the decisions that will make your final choice worthy of your loved one. Through words, images and natural stone, we can help you honor them with a permanent tribute that helps you remember the journey they have taken, even as it marks their final resting place with dignity and beauty.
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Our designers work with your family to design a memorial that is a tribute to your loved ones. We ensure that the memorial we design with your family will meet all of your expectations while also meeting the stringent cemetery regulations. Cemetery regulations can dictate one or all of the following regarding monuments erected in their cemetery: size, type of granite, design, wording, lettering sizes, and finish of the monument.
  • Flat Markers/ Slant Markers: One piece granite grave markers designed and erected by Staten Island Monuments.
  • Upright Monuments: Two piece granite monuments designed and erected by Staten Island Monuments.
  • Mausoleums: The most exclusive family mousoleums for the most accomplished families. Mausoleums are a way for individuals and family members to erect a symbol of their distinct qualities and contributions to the world. Generations to come marvel at the quality and craftsmanship of a family mausoleum.
  • Cemetery Lettering Inscription: The process of sandblasting an existing cemetery monument to include the names and dates of additional family members into an existing plot.
  • Monument Cleaning & Restoration: Monuments, like diamonds, are forever. But they may need some maintenance after being exposed to the elements for several years. Contact us for an estimate to clean and restore your family's memorial to its original luster.
  • Bronze Markers, Plaques & Signs: Contact us for all of your bronze needs. Whether it's for Private (memorial), civic or business needs, we can provide you with all the options available.
  • Landscape Items: Click here to see our Gallery of Granite and Marble Landscape Items.
At Staten Island Monuments it is our job to take the questions and concerns out of your hands. We are the experts, we do the work from start to finish and we guarantee it!